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Funding Schemes

FC3R supports responsible and innovative French projects with a strong 3R impact. The objective of the annual calls is to federate public and private actors by financing initiatives in the field of the 3Rs.

Advancing 3Rs research

FC3R's mission is to encourage and implement the 3Rs principle in France through the promotion of responsible and innovative research, education and transparent communication.

FC3R's approach is proactive and positive, engaging in concrete actions to federate and develop a synergistic community, to enhance the value of the initiatives that emanate from it, and to give visibility and impact to these efforts, within the scientific community and with the general public.

One of its objectives is to federate the community by financing various initiatives in the field of the 3Rs through annual calls for projects.

Eligibility criteria

FC3R gives preference to supporting projects with high potential, likely to be sustainable and to impact the implementation of the 3Rs on the broadest possible scale. This will lead to benefits in terms of progress and technology that will ultimately reduce the number of animals used in research.

In order to maximize the impact of these different projects, the winners will be offered, in addition to financial support, the opportunity to promote their project within the FC3R network and to the general public.


Applications must be completed online on the FC3R website, in English or French, by up to the deadlines the indicated in each call . Each application will be evaluated by at least two members of the FC3R scientific committee . The results will be posted online according to the schedule indicated in the call for proposals.

Calls for projects

Replacement: alternatives to animal models and animal products in scientific research

Opening: October 30th 2022
Closing: November 30th 2022



The 3Rs in France: collective initiatives and sharing tools

Opening: September 1st 2022
Closing: September 30th 2022


Any question ?

Requests for information or questions concerning the calls for projects: aap@fc3r.com.

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