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FC3R Short Notes

The FC3R Short Notes Platform is a tool for disseminating unpublished positive or negative results. We invite you to submit your scientific results in order to participate in more transparent and robust research, and to allow access to data that has not been visible until now.

What is a Short Note?

FC3R Short Notes are brief articles written in English, limited to 2,000 words and 2 figures.

Eligible studies include original research or replications with any type of results: positive, negative, or inconclusive.

Each Short Note undergoes a rapid evaluation and validation process, after which a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) is assigned to increase its visibility.

The scope of FC3R Short Notes is not confined to animal experiments; it also encompasses non-animal studies that promote the 3Rs in research.



How does It work?

The evaluation of FC3R Short Notes is carried out by two reviewers who focus on four quality criteria: writing, figures, protocol description, and experimental design. This assessment favors quality over factors such as novelty, perceived importance, or impact.

What for?

The FC3R Short Notes platform advocates for open science, enhances the robustness of research, and aims to reduce the use of animals and animal-derived products in research. These objectives are fulfilled by providing visibility to unpublished results and protocols, thereby aligning with the 3Rs philosophy: Replacement, Reduction, and Refinement in the use of animals for scientific purposes.



A question?

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