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FC3R is the French reference center for all 3Rs-related matters. It aims to support responsible use of animals for scientific research and to promote alternative and innovative methods.

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08.12.22 Symposium Advances in Therapeutic Applications of Stem Cells Los Angeles (USA)

The goal of this symposium, which will take place December 8-10, is to discuss advances in the field and promote new ideas to overcome current challenges across the clinical and translational spectrum of stem–cell-based research and therapy.

09.12.22 Scientific day Updates and Advances in Laboratory Animal Anaesthesia and Analgesia Online

The 8th scientific day of RPPA (Sorbonne Université) and the 2nd scientific day of Iasi University of Life Science will be moderated by the Prof. Paul Flecknell.

26.01.23 Conference 20e Symposium de la ComTech Cité Universitaire de Paris

Sous le thème « Optimisation des élevages dans l’R du temps », cette édition de la ComTech abordera la zootechnie sous le prisme des 3Rs et plus : Remplacer, Réduire, Raffiner, mais aussi Rationaliser, Replacer...


A 3D monkey to study respiratory infections

Justina Creppy recently received the second prize of the « My 3Rs in 180 Seconds » competition, for the 3D-printed monkey respiratory model that she develops for her PhD.

Construction of mammalian embryos in vitro

Return on the conference "the construction of mammalian embryos in vitro" organized by the Collège de France on June 15, 2022.

Recombinant antibodies for all

Interview with Pierre Cosson, professor and head of Laboratory at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, on the production of reliable antibodies without using animals.

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